A Betrayal of Trust


Unitholders may be interested to view the 4Corners program "A Betrayal of Trust" which screened on 4 March 2013 and which includes the collapse of Prime Trust as one of its case studies.




Unitholders' attention is particularly drawn to the Prime Trust segments of the program, being the footage from the start of the program until around 13:30 and then again from around 37:30 to the end of the program.


We would again like to record our appreciation for all of the individuals who agreed to participate in the program, including Brian Claxton, Don Steel, Jan Hall and Sarah Appleton, and to the ABC for the very professional way in which they completed their investigations and research for the program.


Unitholders may be also interested in watching the interviews with Mr Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman and Mr Niall Coburn, former ASIC Special Investigator, which can be accessed from the above link.