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Action Group members may find the attached "Special Financial Planners Update" dated 26 February 2008 by Dr Wooldridge interesting.  As you will see, this update appears to paint an extremely rosy future for the Trust and strongly encourages further investment.  The Action Group believes that there are any number of misleading, deceptive and promissory statements made by Dr Wooldridge in his presentation.


It should also be noted that the June 2008 distribution (four months after Dr Wooldridge's

presentation) was the last time the Trust paid a normal rate of distribution and that the Trust

was forced to abandon distributions shortly thereafter.  We have collated numerous examples of statements made by Dr Wooldridge (and other directors) which we believe were designed to mislead and deceive both investors and advisers alike.




Please download the PDF file below:

Briefing-Feb 2008