Prime Trust Action Group Newsflash – 8 March 2013


Further Media Interest


Following the screening of 4Corners on 4 March 2013, we have recently had discussions with the producers of another TV program who have expressed interest in screening a further story on Prime Trust and its Directors.  The producers of this program are based in Melbourne and we are planning to travel to Melbourne to meet them next week.


If you are based in or near Melbourne and would be prepared to be interviewed on-camera and share your experience of what the collapse of Prime Trust has meant to you personally, or your observations on the Trust, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send an email to us at our email address [email protected] and provide a brief outline of your story as well as your contact details.


We will, of course, provide further notification to investors ahead of the screening of the program.


ABC 4Corners Program


For those of you who may have missed the recent episode of 4Corners entitled “A Betrayal of Trust”, featuring Prime Trust as the lead story, we are pleased to provide a link to the program below:


Investors’ attention is particularly drawn to the Prime Trust segments of the program, being the footage from the start of the program until around the 13:30 mark and then again from around 37:30 to the end of the program.


We would again like to record our appreciation for all of the individuals who agreed to participate in the program and share their personal experiences, including Brian Claxton, Don Steel, Jan Hall and Sarah Appleton, and to the ABC for the very professional way in which they completed their investigations and research for the program.


Investors may be also interested in watching the full interviews with Mr Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman, and Mr Niall Coburn, former ASIC Special Investigator, which can be accessed from the above link.


Information to Assist in Investigations


Since the screening of the 4Corners program, we are pleased to report that some individuals have come forward and provided valuable information in relation to the conduct of certain parties.  Should you have information which you consider may assist us in our investigations into the collapse of Prime Trust, it would be greatly appreciated if you would send an email to us at the above address or alternatively contact Steve O’Reilly on 0403 894019 or Roger Pratt on 0413 592330.



Prime Trust Action Group

8 March 2013